Mimi Blue Meatballs

A few of us Urbanspoon Primes here in Indy agreed that we should all meet up and dine with each other. Considering how Mimi Blue’s was a new place and none of us had been there before, the choice for our meet up was set fairly quickly. I think it was safe to say that everybody was excited not only for the camaraderie, but also for the food that night.


874 Massachusetts Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46202


  • Mimi Blue Meatballs, as mentioned earlier, is a new addition to the plethora of restaurants along Mass Ave. I’m not too familiar with Mass Ave but it was easy to find, being nearly at the end of the stretch. It is across from Yats and sits on the same strip as R Bistro and Best Chocolate in Town.
  • While we were waiting for our tables, a gentleman who I assumed was either the owner or the manager brought us two sampler sets of their meatballs: turkey and beef with marinara sauce. They had them sliced in small wedges with a small pink plastic cutlass to pick them with. He was apologizing for our long wait and wanted to make sure that we weren’t turning into hungry hulks and she-hulks. Many thanks, kind sir!
  • We were seated eventually (hurray!) and was handed the very simple, two-sided menus. One side of the menu was the main menu while the other was the drink menu. Mimi’s menu is simple: pick your meat(3 by default or 4 pieces for an upcharge), decide on a sauce, and figure out whether you want a side item or not. You get to choose whether you want your side on the side or under your meatballs. You also have the option to get the meatballs in a sandwich or as a slider.
  • Each table has a pair of markers that you can use to mark the menus with because they actually encourage you to mark the clear plastic menu holder for your choices. I thought that this was a great idea to prevent mistakes during the ordering process, and that this was a great idea for Wade-o and I to start drawing on the side of the menu.
  • Those of us who ordered a salad received them first, obviously. The wedge salad was pretty much a lengthwise half of a romaine lettuce, topped with dressing and other items. The market greens, on the hand, was also quite plentiful considering the size of the platter it was served in. Unfortunately, I didn’t have pictures of them as neither Wade-o nor I ordered a salad.
  • Finally, our main orders arrived. While we had the option of getting different sauces for each meatball, Wade-o and I decided to keep the same sauce throughout. I ordered three of their classic meatball with mushroom gravy, served on top their creamy polenta. Wade-o ordered three beef meatballs with garlic cream and dirty mashed (potatoes). After taking almost five minutes to snap up the necessary pictures, we finally dug in to our food.

    Mimi Blue Meatballs

  • Their classic meatball was actually a combination of beef and pork sausage, giving it a hearty and slightly bold taste. It was fairly large, with a size anywhere in between a golf ball and a tennis ball, yet it still managed to stay moist and intact despite the size. My mushroom gravy, on the other hand, tasted so light that it was pretty much swept under the rug. I had to ask for a small container of the gravy just so I could taste it properly because I was afraid at first that I simply didn’t get enough on my plate. This was not the case, however, as the gravy was actually very subdued even when tasted by itself. The gravy had the expected mushroom hint to it along with mushroom slivers, as well as some sort of a beef base hiding behind it. It wasn’t bad by all means as it was still pretty nice, but when paired up with the classic meatball it got overtaken. I imagine a sauce like this would work better with a gentler meat such as turkey.
  • Meanwhile, the polenta was just as creamy and buttery as they named it. Because I ordered this polenta to be served under the meatball instead of at the side, the polenta also managed to make the mushroom gravy’s taste disappear. This is probably something that should be ordered on the side instead of having it underneath, because I don’t imagine the cream and butter working well with sauces such as marinara and spicy cilantro.

    Mimi Blue Meatballs

  • I managed to snag a bite of Wade-o’s beef meatball with his garlic cream sauce. I already knew how the meatball itself tasted so I was mostly curious about their garlic cream sauce and the pairing in general. My short version is that this pair friend-zoned each other (beef’s large yet laidback flavor versus garlic cream’s aggressively rich profile), but I’ll let him give you the details (I have the same sentiment as him on this):
  • My beef meatballs had a hearty taste to them that left enough room for other flavors to be added onto it. The dirty mashed potatoes were probably the second best I’ve had so far, restaurant-wise. It seemed that they were primarily mashed with red skin potatoes, which I usually don’t like but they did a nice job adding cream and other components to it to make it taste unique. Lastly, the garlic cream sauce had a hint of garlic in the background but was mainly just additional cream sitting on top of the already creamy mashed potatoes.
    The sauce combined with the potatoes were already too much for me, so I decided to see how it would taste like with the meatballs. However, with the beefy taste of the meatball and the overly rich taste of the garlic cream sauce, I felt like they were trying to compete with each other to see which one was the more dominant taste on the plate. I got the taste of both of them but they never felt like they were naturally complementing each other.


  • Just to give you slightly more detail than Mr. Man-of-kinda-few-words here, the mashed potatoes were mainly named dirty because it was mashed with the peel still on it. It was definitely mashed fresh from actual potatoes judging not only from the taste but also from the lumps of not so mashed potato chunks still lurking around. It was as smooth as it could get, with plenty of butter and cream around it. Needless to say, it got a little too rich with the garlic cream. What could have been a nice garlic mashed potato combination became a little overwhelming at times.
  • Our service was pretty much fine, with a few things forgotten here and there. I won’t blame him for it though, considering that it was really busy during that time. He was attentive and helpful enough for us to enjoy our time eating and chatting. Too bad we couldn’t hear him most of the time, and just each other in general, because somehow the whole dining room managed to get really loud. Imagine that, getting loud over meatballs…
  • Mimi Blue Meatballs, overall, is a fairly good place. They do good justice for their namesake, which is crucial when this is pretty much the main focus of the menu. On the other hand, the mix and match concept may prove to be a hit or miss experience for some people because not all sauces pair up properly with specific types of meatballs. I guess in this case, you can choose to either be adventurous and pick something like spicy cilantro on beef, or stick with a time-tested pair such as classic and marinara. If you do choose to be the former, it may take a few sheddings of eight dollars each before finding that sweet spot.

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