Lay’s Chocolate Covered Potato Chips

Wade-o and I weren’t even actively searching for this. We just went to the grocery store because we needed something quick to fix for lunch the next day and a few incidental toiletries.

Chocolate-covered Potato Chips

While I mindlessly waltzed my way over to the toothpaste section, I heard Wade-o’s voice behind me. “Wait, what?!” he said. I turned around and tried to look at what he was looking at, but I had to walk back towards him because I couldn’t see clearly. And then I saw it: the object of his surprise. Just when I thought they couldn’t go any further than cappuccino-flavored chips.

Chocolate-covered Potato Chips

If you want to talk about impulsive buying, this is the very definition of it. The epitome of perfect merchandise placing to attract attention and encourage sales. Seriously, who would have thought to make a small corner section at the end of the bathroom supply aisle to hold these bags? Right across the aisle is the meat section. It’s random and it’s eye-catching. Mango salsa and wasabi ginger didn’t even get our attention that much. We dismissed cheddar bacon mac and cheese as a silly idea. But chocolate-covered wavy potato chips? Time just froze.

After quickly making accommodations in our budget to purchase this bag (which, by the way, is $3.99 in Marsh), we both agreed that we must sample this thing right away. I claimed my stake in giving it a photo shoot, which wasn’t difficult considering our initial skepticism. We braved the punishing cold walk from the store to the parking lot and as soon as the car heated us up, we opened the bag. It was the point of no return.

Chocolate-covered Potato Chips

The first thing we noticed but declined to make a comment about was the minuscule amount of chips inside in relation to the size of the bag. The first thing we actually commented about was the fact the the chip was only covered in one side, leaving the other bare. “Conveyor belt chip,” Wade-o joked, and he was probably right. I pictured a large system of conveyor belts with thousands of these chips being sprayed with milk chocolate. I thought it was pretty silly too, until I decided to take the plunge. I put the first piece in my mouth, and immediately demanded Wade-o to try a piece. Here’s why.

Lay’s actually used good quality milk chocolate to cover the chip, perfectly masking the roughness, oiliness, and saltiness that usually came with their potato chips. It was sweet, thick, and had higher quality than the usual cheap chocolate you could find at stores. If you want quality comparison, it’s better than melted Hershey’s chocolate but not as good as melted Lindt/Ghirardelli chocolate. The coating is also generous, and at times it seems as if the potato chip itself takes the furthest back seat it could find. Sometimes it felt as if I was simply eating chocolate with something crunchy in it, which might not be a bad thing if you’re into chocolate like I am. If you’re looking for a perfectly coated wavy potato chip, this may be a mixed bag for you.

Chocolate-covered Potato Chips

Three bites in and we realized why the coating was only on one side: the chocolate would have overpowered the chip if it covered both sides. The chip does a very good job of checking the chocolate when it gets too sweet and decadent, so having it coated on both sides would simply defeat the chip’s existence. Not to mention that comparing the chip’s thickness to the weight of the dried chocolate around it, the chip would probably disintegrate.

Overall, I’d say this was a very pleasant surprise. I imagined a chocolate-flavored, brown potato chip and got a chocolate-covered chip. I expected cheap covering and got a fairly decent quality chocolate. Considering the monetary cost ($3.99) and the caloric cost (150 calories per 3 chips), I consider this a worthy treat to be enjoyed every once in a while. Provided that it doesn’t get pulled off the shelves because it’s a limited edition, that is.


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