Movie Journal: Winter’s Tale (2014)


Starring: Colin Farrell, Jessica Brown Findlay


This movie tries too hard and fails too hard. It tries very hard to preach about its theme, trying to hammer the nail in when it’s already flush to the surface. I was reminded of Cloud Atlas: the preposterous, must-believe-this-or-else kind of attitude towards a philosophy that’s more or less superstitious.

The actors seem like they don’t want to be in this movie. Farrell’s acting is very strained, most unlike his performance in Saving Mr. Banks where he really shone brightly as an actor. Brown-Findlay’s performance is dry and bland, failing to give life to her dying character. Their chemistry on screen is missing and Farrell simply looks as if he robbed the cradle with her. Russell Crowe as our protagonist also doesn’t seem the least bit amused; his already straight face was somehow stretched even straighter here, with occasional twitches to remind you that he’s still trying to act. Will Smith’s few appearances were unexpected to say the least, and his displease in his own presence in this movie is incredibly apparent. He probably doesn’t even know it, but in the few minutes that he’s on screen, he’s projecting a “what in the world am I doing here” vibe that’s very hard to shake off.

The storyline is convoluted, confusing, overly complicated, and meandering. At its basic, it’s a love story (hence the Valentines Day release). The movie should have ended at that, but no, it wanted to be more. The result is a mess, an ugly hodgepodge of the supernatural and the mysterious that leaves you feeling like you just wasted your time and money.


Rating: 1.5-new


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