Hollyhock Hill

I am in love with their fried chicken. Even my brother, who’s quite picky, loves this place. He loved it so much he actually requested to eat here for his last dinner with us before going home!



8110 N College Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46240


Hollyhock Hill is pretty easy to miss. Other than their hanging sign, a big tree covers the front of the yard. The inside feels like I just entered my super rich great-aunt’s house with servers walking to and fro, bringing heaps of food to guests. The atmosphere is very homey and more suitable for a family outing rather than a date night. This becomes more obvious when you notice that the clientele consists mostly of families and senior citizens.

HH is known for their fried chicken, so it was pretty obvious that we ordered them. In the meantime, we were served with a tableful of appetizers.



  • Pickled Beets – I didn’t really care much for them. Not their fault though, as it just wasn’t my preference. It did taste pretty good with cottage cheese.
  • Cottage Cheese – It’s cottage cheese.
  • Apple Butter – Smooth and silky, more akin to thicker applesauce with a red hue.
  • Vegetable Relish – Carrots and celery…
  • Salad – Just lettuce and their signature dressing. I liked their dressing: predominantly sweet but never overbearing. It was practically colorless on the salad. I also found myself pairing this up with some apple butter and cottage cheese.
  • Tomato Juice – Optional. We tried it but we didn’t like it at all.

[Note: On visits during the winter, it seems that they swap their optional tomato juice to an optional tomato chicken soup. I honestly like the soup better, because it’s hot and hearty.]

Fried Chicken
Eventually, the star of the night arrived, all in its hot, golden brown glory. It was flanked by four sides: green beans, corn, mashed potatoes, and biscuits. The chicken’s crispy skin was coated with light flour and was seasoned just light enough to tickle your taste buds. It had a gradual greasy feeling that never got overbearing but permeated all the way through. The meat underneath wasn’t bland and was juicy, especially the breast meat. As for the sides…


  • Green Beans – I love their bright green color. It screams of life and freshness, amplified by the tender snap of each piece. Every once in a while, a piece of meat happens to float around it.
  • Corn – Buttery but sometimes the kernels were a little too firm for my liking.
  • Mashed Potatoes – Tastes fresh and smooth. Its sidekick, the gravy, seems like made from chicken drippings. They both taste mild and hearty.


  • Biscuits – Small and actually dry at times. Not my preference.


Ice CreamSyrups
For dessert, guests can enjoy a scoop of vanilla ice cream served with melted chocolate, butterscotch, and crème de menthe. You can also get coffee at this point if you’d like. The coffee and vanilla ice cream were just ordinary; I found myself dropping a portion of the ice cream in the coffee and then add some butterscotch and chocolate. That’s always good.

Service is generally good with attentive and polite waiters helping you enjoy your meal. During our first visit, the service was a little rocky because of a wedding celebration going on at the other side of the room. Every server ended up focusing on said party and almost forgot the regular diners. The maitre d’ ended up helping the regular diners because of this.

I can see why Hollyhock Hill has been around for a while now. Straight-up home style cooking served generously with accompaniments is always a big hit. I mean, for all that food I just mentioned, that only cost us 18.95 per person. That’s a lot of food, and that’s a lot of visits I foresee in the future.


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