Poccadio Moroccan Grill and Sandwiches

I like how their location is unpretentious: in the middle of a strip mall, sandwiched between an Indian restaurant and a liquor store, sitting behind Thr3e Wise Men. We passed by this place several times, thinking about Thr3e Wise Men more than I do this place, until one random holiday we decided we wanted to eat out. Everybody else was closed, except Poccadio.


1045 Broad Ripple Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46220




  • Very fast-foody vibe a la Subway, except light years better; in fact, they tout themselves as a healthy fast-food place! You point and choose what you want and it goes on your plate or bread, and then pay at the end of the line before sitting.


Sampler Plate

  • Their menu contains quite a bit of items which can get overwhelming for first-timers. Not sure what you want? Don’t worry, they will give you a sample platter for free.



  • Because I’m such a rice person, I decided to get a plate (rice doesn’t go well with bread…) of kafta, saffron rice, zaalouk, and bakoula.
    • Kafta: They’re practically elongated meatballs. Their taste and texture reminded me of my mom’s burgers: thick, well-done, and seasoned. The kafta got dry at times so it’s important that you pair it with something soft and juicy to support it. Nonetheless, it was delicious.
    • Saffron Rice: Kafta’s strong flavor pairs beautifully with the saffron rice’s subtlety.
    • Zaalouk: The eggplant was very soft yet flavorful, although it got too salty every once in a while. It also seemed to be seeping with oil. This is where I regretted pairing it with kafta. The zaalouk and kafta both have a strong identity that clash with each other, leaving you to take the brunt of the ricochet. Even the pita bread that usually accompanies the zaalouk couldn’t calm them down.
    • Bakoula: Unlike its traditional counterparts here, this spinach is not swimming in stock or broth. It had a nice earthy profile that complemented the spices it was cooked with. Thankfully, it’s not as bold as the zaalouk so pairing it with kafta wouldn’t produce as much backlash.


  • On our subsequent visits, I got almost the same plate except I changed my meat from kafta to shawarma. Unlike the kafta, it never got dry so it was more enjoyable to eat. It was flavorful and tender.


Caraway Bread

  • Wade-o, on the other hand, took a sandwich. He chose caraway bread which had a nice, gentle seasoned taste that gave the bread a more defined identity. He proceeded to stuff it with so many ingredients that even he couldn’t remember what he put in there! At least he enjoyed it.


  • The folks over at Poccadio are always so friendly and helpful. They remembered us even after several months of not visiting! The only downside is that sometimes it can get painfully slow. They like to keep one employee preparing the food AND ringing up orders, as the case during our second visit. It would help if they had a second employee helping all the time.


  • With their plates priced as 12 bucks and sandwiches as 8 bucks, it seems rather pricey; however, the quality and the quantity make up for the price. Delicious, wholesome food served generously makes a trip to Poccadio a fulfilling one.



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