Boogie Burger

I find it amazing how ground beef can give so much enjoyment in the form of a patty. I also find it amazing how much disappointment said ground beef could give once it fails to meet the expectation.

Back on my BRICS post, I mentioned that we came there “to find solace for our tongues after an unsavory burger experience.” This is that unsavory burger experience.



1904 Broad Ripple Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46220





  • My choice was their Shroom burger, which was a simple creation sporting mushrooms and Swiss cheese. This burger would have been good if it wasn’t for the lifelessly bland patty. It was practically depressed, bringing the whole burger down. Even the generous helping of shrooms did little to help cheer up the burger. Cap that out with an ordinary, uninteresting bun that did nothing but stick to my teeth. Each bite sapped my life and happiness away.


New York, New York

  • Wade-o had the New York, New York, which came with a “stack of grilled pastrami and Swiss [cheese]”. I didn’t have a good feeling about this burger when I read the description from the menu, and my fears met reality as soon as I took a bite of his burger. It was a thoroughly confused burger, with the pastrami constantly trying to prove its flavor dominance in the most jarring way possible. By itself, the stack of pastrami was salty, but when eaten with the burger as a whole, it was simply weird. Wade-o had a hard time finishing this one, which is a rarity considering how fast he eats.


Garlic Fries

  • BB is proud of their garlic fries, which they describe as “tossed with fresh garlic and parsley.” The concept is delicious and mouthwatering, but it can only get so far if the execution is not right. The fries definitely had that heavenly aroma of garlic but I didn’t really taste it. The truckload of parsley sprinkled on each fry added some nice color to the whole presentation. As for the fries themselves, they were crispy as expected but the potato taste was nominal at best. The texture also seemed to be in limbo between fresh cut and frozen. Halfway through my fries, I started to feel a burning sensation on my tongue. I don’t think that should happen.


  • The whole meal was severely overpriced. Nearly thirty bucks for two confused yet bland burgers and two tongue-burning fries with two sodas. No thanks.


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