We came here trying to find solace for our tongues after an unsavory burger experience (details here). Thanks to my trusty Urbanspoon shaker, we found this place.



901 East 64th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46220



  • I always thought the name was just a random name that someone came up with; it’s actually an acronym! The name stands for “Broad Ripple Ice Cream Station”, which is quite a mouthful and rather unwieldy to say. Located right beside the Monon Trail, BRICS looks like a train station. If you’re on the trail and need to cool off with an ice cream or a sundae, look for the bright blue building! Got a thirsty pooch? They have water for them too.


Tour de Brics

Four scoops. Yes, four scoops.

  • Now let’s get one thing clear here: their definition of one scoop is technically two and a half scoops. I learned this the hard way after I ordered Tour de Brics, which featured four ‘scoops’ of any flavor they have that day. I thought I was being smart; I figured if I got something with four scoops, it would be alright. Nope! Don’t get me wrong, the flavors were delicious… but there was so much! That’s what I get for being a glutton…


One-scoop waffle cone

Yep, just one scoop.

  • Wade opted for their one scoop in a waffle cone. Originally, he wanted a two scoop split between two flavors. He was told that if he wanted a cone and split the flavors, he could do a one scoop since one scoop was so huge (gee, I wonder why). He did just that.


Pay Dirt
Pay Dirt

  • On our subsequent visits, we tried their Pay Dirt. It’s practically one scoop of ice cream, topped with crushed oreos and gummi worms. It’s satisfying and fun to eat.


  • Their ice cream is not as thick and creamy as Maggie Moo’s but slightly smoother than your usual store fare. The flavors are distinct but never kick you on the face. Accompaniments (i.e. caramel cups for caramel x3, pecans for butler pecan) are plentiful. We eventually found out that BRICS sources their ice cream from Sherman’s up in Michigan. Their prices are also fairly cheap considering the amount of ice cream you get…


  • Not sure if you’ll like one flavor over the other? They’re more than happy to give you a sample. They also give patrons glasses of water to help wash down all that creamy goodness.


  • My only complaint is their seemingly inefficient system. They have a number dispenser and a number display but they’ve never used it during our visits. This results in a mess between people still deciding, people waiting for their orders to be assembled, and people paying. They also just ask around who’s ready and who’s not, so you better keep your ears open if you’re waiting to be helped.


  • I think it goes without saying that we like this place a lot since I actually planned on having their ice cream for dinner one random day. That’s why there’s 4.5 creepachoos down there.


Brics on Urbanspoon Brics on Foodio54


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