The Roost

My, my, where do I begin?



7371 E 116th St
Fishers, IN





Coffee Mug

  • Their coffee was nothing special. At least they left a full carafe with us so we didn’t have to keep flagging them for refills. The downside was that we got seated at one of their smallest corner booths and our table got crowded quickly.


Corned Beef Hash

  • My eggs weren’t really over-easy but I’m not complaining. The really toasted hash browns were fun to eat at first but the texture got tiring. The corned beef chunks were also just as hard. Together, they got salty enough to make me want to eat only a few spoonfuls, not to mention their roughness effectively scraped the roof of my mouth. The wheat toast exacerbated this problem by being the third roughie. The egg helped in differentiating the texture, at least until it was gone. After that, it was back to roof-scratching. Ouch.



  • Wade-o wasn’t happy with this one at all. He swore they were Bisquick because of its thickness. I agree. They were lifeless, thick, and sticky.


Hash browns and eggs

  • Unlike the hash browns that came with the corned beef hash, their regular hash browns were bland, and some strands weren’t cooked all the way.


  • Don’t even dare of getting anything a la carte. You’ll have to sell off your assets and then some just to get one. $1.39 for just one egg or $2.49 for hash browns? Yeah… no.


  • I expected quite a bit from this place because of it being a part of the Sahm’s Restaurant Group. We liked Sahm’s Bar and Grill over at 96th St so we thought this one would be just as good. I mean, it has to, right? Nope.


2.5. Locking it in.

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