GA Week 2: To Warner Robins!

Two days before we had to drive back home, we decided we’d make our customary trek to Warner Robins. Other than eating lunch there and possibly visiting people, we didn’t really have any plans.


Stevi B's Pizza
Stevi B’s Pizza


1117 Hwy 96
Kathleen, GA 31047


Stevi B's Pizza on Urbanspoon



  • We really weren’t planning to eat here; our original plan was to eat at an Asian Café so I could gorge on some sushi. We saw Stevi B’s right after we parked and unanimously agreed to eat there instead.


  • They have a bright, clean dining area with a small play area attached to the side. The party room is also visible but is cordoned off from the public.


  • They have a long line of pizzas, with classics such as pepperoni and sausage, as well as specialties such as spinach alfredo in wheat crust and loaded baked potato. Craving some dessert? They also have those, in pizza form, such as s’mores.


  • Each pizza is made fresh as soon as one kind runs out. They have loads and loads of dough already stretched in the pan, waiting to be topped and baked. Their regular pizza crusts were actually rather decent and seemed to be brushed with garlic butter. They also had sweet rolls, which were soft and oozing with glazed, cinnamon-y goodness.


  • Their game room was rather small and basic, with the essentials such as skee ball, racing games, basketball, and chance games.


  • Honestly, we like Stevi B’s a whole lot more than Cici’s. We actually hope they would open a location here in Indy sometime.


Anna's Asian Cafe
Anna’s Asian Café


1117 Hwy 96 #108
Kathleen, GA


Anna's Asian Cafe on Urbanspoon



  • Since I still wanted my sushi fix, I decided to walk next door to get it for take-out. As I walked in, I noticed that it looked clean inside. It is a sit-down Chinese restaurant.


  • Their sushi, in general, was passable. I’m glad the rice wasn’t thick but it had no slight vinegary taste that I was expecting. It was at least stickier than the other ones I ate before. The price wasn’t half-bad as well; 24-piece rolls only cost me $17.


Some shrimp roll Another shrimp roll

  • I ordered the Crispy Shrimp and Shrimp Tempura rolls. Both featured a slice of a small shrimp, breaded thinly with some panko-styled breadcrumbs. Neither the shrimp nor the breading had any taste, not to mention the shrimp not being firm. The only other discernible difference was that one looked paler than the other, as well as the white sauce squirted on top of one of them.


California Roll

  • Somehow, my brother wanted a California Roll. Rolled within the rice were imitation crab meat, cucumber, and avocado. The only taste I got was the taste of avocado on rice, which wasn’t a good taste for me. Imitation Crab Meat wasn’t seasoned with anything at all, while the cucumber was only a distraction.


  • I wish I had something else to judge this place with, but until the time comes that I return to this place, this will have to do.

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