Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza

To-go box

Extra drawing by Wade-o

We finally found you, pizza-slinging, civilized monkey.



5646 E Washington St
Indianapolis, IN 46219

(317) 356-6612



  • We’ve been here twice, and both times we were greeted with a smile. The interior gets an extra boost of brightness or darkness depending on the time of the day, thanks to the big window facing the road.

Wheat beer

  • They have quite a selection of locally crafted beers. There’s always a special of some sort posted on the table so check that out.


  • Their breadsticks are addictingly soft with a crispy touch. They’re even better when dipped in their homemade marinara sauce, which happens to have a balance between its tomato identity and seasoned goodness. We also had a chance to try their creamy parmesan. It was very reminiscent of ranch dressing with a hint of garlic and parmesan.

Cheese Louise and Meatball Pizza

  • Since we couldn’t agree on what to get, we did a half and half of Cheese Louise and Meatball Pizza.
  • Cheese Louise is their multi-cheese pizza, consisting of cheddar, mozzarella, ricotta, parmesan, and gouda; it also has red onions and bacon. All the cheeses blended well together without being too much to the palate. The ricotta was spread evenly under the layer of other cheeses, providing a smooth, velvety layer and a sweet contrast against the others.
  • The meatball pizza, on the other hand, boasted a slice of a meatball on each pizza slice along with red onions and green pepper. The meatball slices were moist, tender, and gently seasoned. The red onions and green pepper were cooked so well that we actually ate them instead of plucking them out.
  • Since I conveniently decided not to bring my camera on the second visit, our second pizza will go unpictured. We got a half and half of Creole and Slaughterhouse Five.
  • Creole is an interesting pizza because instead of using cheese, it uses the etouffee from Papa Roux. It comes with diced tomato, green pepper strips, and your choice of crawfish, shrimp, or sausage (I picked crawfish). Slightly cheesy at best and creamy by nature, the etouffee was the perfect bedding for the plump, firm crawfish, crispy peppers, and secretive tomato. Each bite was just as addicting as the last.
  • Slaughterhouse five, on the other hand, boasts five meats within one pie: pepperoni, ham, sausage, bacon, and Italian beef. The meats never overpowered each other, thanks to their wholesome, meaty taste and the right level of seasoning.
  • Jockamo’s crust is thin and crispy with a hint of sweetness. Its taste is soft-spoken enough to let the other ingredients shine but still good enough on its own.
  • Casual atmosphere with casual yet attentive service. Along with a view of Washington St., their walls are also adorned with local art. If you fancy a TV, there’s one all the way at the back by the bar.
  • Their reasonably-priced and delicious pizza creations along with consistent quality and service all make Jockamo our favorite pizza spot in town.



Yessum, 4.5 Creepachoos.

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