GA Week 1: Within Eastman

I just came back from a week-long vacation last week that involved Wade-o and I visiting my parents. It’s been a while since we stayed there for a week so it was a rather nice break from the hustle and bustle (they live in a small, quiet town). While my mom prefers to cook at home, we still managed to indulge a little bit and take some bites outside.

I’d really rather not bore you with a huge wall of text, so I’m making a part one and two. Without further ado, let’s meet our first two stops: Sonic Drive-In and Chinese Chef.

Sonic Drive-In


1098 Indian Dr
Eastman, GA 31023

Sonic Drive-in on Urbanspoon



  • Wade-o had been itching to visit a Sonic location ever since our botched attempt on New Year’s Day (hint: they were closed). The closest ones to us here in Indy are all the way down in Avon and Camby, a distance we’d really rather not drive just for some tater tots and nostalgia. This time, with no stinkin’ holiday to stop us from visiting, Wade-o decided to take me there on a mini-date.
  • Sonic’s hours are not posted on their website, even after searching for a specific location. The best bet would be to call said location and ask them for hours, as they seem to vary among each one. We were happy when we found out that they didn’t close until 12 AM that night; it was about 9 PM when we called. Unfortunately, we had to order from the drive-thru instead of driving in and pressing that big red button.
  • I got their Crispy Chicken Sandwich, which wasn’t half bad. The mayo got a little too distracting at times but was tolerable, while the chicken itself was average. It wasn’t quite as meaty as Wendy’s but I’d take this any day over Burger King’s. Slightly salty but definitely not the worst.
  • Wade-o, on the other hand, got the SuperSonic Double Cheeseburger. He said it was very reminiscent of Dairy Queen Burgers and was better than BK’s. Not quite as seasoned but still enjoyable.
  • We both got tater tots and shared some mozzarella sticks. Their tater tots were standard, served hot and crispy. There’s something about the tots being from Sonic that makes me like them more than I should. The difference between Sonic’s tots and a store-bought one is marginal; perhaps the sheer enjoyment of buying it from Sonic makes me prefer them. The mozzarella sticks, on the other hand, were actually enjoyable. The outside coating were gently seasoned, while the cheese inside was delightfully gooey.


Chinese Chef Storefront
Chinese Chef Restaurant


850 College St
Eastman, GA 31023

Chinese Chef Restaurant on Urbanspoon Chinese Chef Restaurant on Foodio54



  • They have a rather small interior in a strip mall-esque location. Given the understandably small place, there was only one server running around during our visit. Even though it’s a small place, it can probably hold about forty people. That’s more than enough to get one server stressed out.
  • Their egg drop soup was very watery and bland. So bland that I would probably have to dump half a glass of soy sauce to season it. Ok, maybe not that much, but still. Far and few in between are the egg flakes that seem to have an uncanny talent of evading the scoop.
  •  I was glad they had shrimp fried rice, but I would have preferred one with not-so-translucent shrimp. Other than the rice being colored and shrimp generously thrown in there, it didn’t really have anything special. I guess I should just be thankful that they included shrimp in there. That could be a meal by itself.
  • Most of the beef dishes featured a gummy and rather slimy beef strips. Most of them were salty, too.
  • The chicken dishes, on the other hand, were coated in something thick and sweet. Other than differences in color, I couldn’t tell them apart.
  • Their egg roll had a rather odd cabbage filling that didn’t smell right and tasted funkily bland. This same odd-tasting, minced cabbage was inside a fried shrimp dumpling that also featured one miniature shrimp. Wade lovingly calls the cabbage “foul”.
  • Their dessert station was passable and included ice cream cups, peaches, cookies, and fruit-flavored gelatins. Wade-o liked how flavorful their gelatins were compared to other places.
  •  As I mentioned earlier, there was only one server during our visit. As a result, the lone server was delayed on refills and plate retrievals. Not sure whether to blame her or the management as both plights are understandable.
  •  It’s easy to like this place because there’s not a lot of Chinese restaurants within a 5 mile radius. This shouldn’t be an excuse, however, to not assess the food based on some standard. They were a couple of notches below what I would consider adequate even for a small town, but I wouldn’t mind spending time with my family here if they so wish.

One thought on “GA Week 1: Within Eastman

  1. This is the worst place I’ve eaten, and I’ve eaten at a lot of Chinese restaurants. It would be nice to have competition in this small town for a variety, BUT these awful restaurants won’t let the small town bring anything else in, Some of these small town own the rights to say who can and cannot set up in this town, That is just NOT right.

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