Gray Brothers Cafeteria

Well, phooey. I didn’t have my main camera, my backup camera, and my phone was dying. I had to borrow another phone just to take the pictures…

Lamentations aside, Wade-o and I found ourselves here with his dad and his lady. The plan was to beat the church crowd and eat there before heading to the airport to pick up Wade-o’s grandma. After much backtracking, we finally arrived.



555 S Indiana Ave
Mooresville, IN 46158
(317) 831-3345



  • GBC has the tendency to have long lines; fear not, they have a huge dining area.
  • Everything is priced a la carte. Yes, even that small bowl of green beans or corn. You get to pick your dessert first, and then the main dish, sides, some rolls and whatnot, and a drink.
  • They are known for their strawberry pie as well as their other pies. They have a massive selection of pies and cakes, and they have a sign saying that they make their own pies. Hmm…

Meat Loaf

  • Wade-o and I both got a meatloaf. It wasn’t the worst we’ve had but definitely not the best either. Roughly decent, it was smothered with such a sour tomato sauce that it got hard to eat at times. When not covered with sauce, it got a little too savory. Each bite felt chunky. Not sure if that was supposed to happen.
  • I only got a bite of their chicken (pictured somewhere below). It was white meat, and thankfully it wasn’t dry although it was rather bland. The skin was lightly breaded and tasted very simple, as if it was seasoned with nothing but salt.
  • Side summaries:
    • Green Beans – seemingly out of a can with its limp, dull beans swimming in a watered-down broth with some tasteless meat.
    • Corn – rather hard kernels with no other accompanying taste.
    • Mac n’ cheese – mushy noodles coated with overly rich, overly thick, standard cheese. I didn’t like it at all.
    • Fried Potatoes – insipid, dry, thinly-sliced, chip-like potatoes.

    Photo taken by Wade-o’s dad. That’s his tray.

  • At the top right of the picture is a Butterscotch Pie. It was actually pretty good but got a little too rich at times. Perhaps it would have done better with a lighter cream.

Lemon Pie

  • Wade-o’s Lemon Pie was just okay. While it was indeed lemony with a thick dollop of cream on top, it had nothing special to boast about. The gargantuan pile made the crust seem non-existent most of the time, and whenever a piece of the crust did manage to present itself, it was out of place with its sticky, solid composition.

Blueberry Pie

  • My pick was the blueberry pie. I’m really not into cakes and I’m a huge blueberry pie fanatic (or any pie in general, really), so this is a no-brainer for me. It wasn’t that bad, it was just that the crust wasn’t my preference. I like crumbly crusts and this one was mealy with sugar crystals embedded on it. The blueberry filling was sweet and fruity all the way through. For something made in-house, it sure didn’t blow me away.
  • Service was alright. Some of the line employees acted as if they didn’t want to be there, and one in particular was sassing another employee in front of the customers. Oh no you didn’t! As for those who actually waited tables, they were efficient and quick to refill the painfully tiny drink glasses.
  • GBC’s portions were large; sadly, the quality wasn’t as big. My definition of homestyle is clearly different from theirs, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just not something worth my driving effort. Or Wade-o’s dad’s.
  • 2.75 it is.

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