Union Jack – Broad Ripple

I originally wanted a dinner consisting of nothing but ice cream. Wade-o hatched another plan and brought me here instead, a secret he kept during the whole drive. I didn’t even realize where we were until we parked in front of the building! Anyway, spoiler alert: I have yet to like anything deemed as award-winning.


924 Broad Ripple Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46220

(317) 722-8108



Bullet Points (yes, I’m sticking with that name today):

  • I know it was a weekday but that main dining area was quiet. The TV volume wasn’t even audible! I had fun reading TV people’s lips anyway… I think.
  • We were given three menus: the drink menu, ordinary food menu, and the pizza menu written on a pizza peel. The drink menu was duly ignored (we didn’t really feel like drinking) while the peel started our downhill ride (more on that later). After much deliberation, we decided to skip appetizer and ordered the following: Go Pubbin’ Tenderloin (breaded), The Blues, and a ten-inch “Chicago style award winning” deep dish pizza with one “crown”: pepperoni (crowns are toppings). We opted for everything to come out at the same time since the pizza takes forty minutes to cook. The hungrier, the better, right?
Go Pubbin' Tenderloin

Go Pubbin’ Tenderloin

  • Thin but not laughably small. The crispy breading got too salty on certain spots but it was bland when eaten with everything else. Meat, on the other hand, was rather dry and chewy. Along with the nicely toasted but tasteless Kaiser bun, a lettuce, and an out-of-season tomato, each bite was uniformly lifeless and slowly got harder to swallow.
  • I chose Red Potato Salad for my side. I didn’t really feel like eating kettle chips or baked beans and I definitely didn’t want to pay for some fries. Unfortunately, the potato salad was so forgettable I don’t have anything to say about it. Sorry.
The Blues

The Blues

  • Wade-o got Union Jack’s version of a black-and-blue burger, called The Blues.

I ordered my burger medium, and it came with red onions (raw and cooked), lettuce, pickles, blue cheese, and mushrooms. Caramelized onions didn’t have any significant taste. Blue cheese taste wasn’t too strong and was actually fairly decent. The burger patty, on the other hand, had an odd mix of flavors. There was so much seasoning that there was no distinguishable identity. The burger had a hard time pin-pointing how it should taste. The bun was also doughy. By the third bite, the patty started falling apart and onto my plate.

I had the kettle chips for my side. It seemed like a standard chip that tasted like it was from a bag. For some reason, the chips had black pepper embedded on them which gave it a weird taste. Eating too many chips at once will overpower everything else for a moment. Overall, eh.

Deep Dish

Deep Dish

  • A glaring error: sauce under the cheese. Chicago-style has its sauce on top of the cheese. It didn’t matter anyway because the sauce on this pizza barely existed. The crust, on the other hand, tasted and felt like saltine crackers. The bottom crust became hard to slice because the sauce made it soggy. The cheese was also salty and greasy, which didn’t help the tiny amount of sauce in terms of taste. Remember I said we got pepperoni for this as well? There was barely anything. My whole slice didn’t have a single pepperoni. The whole pizza was simply unpleasant to eat.
  • Service was standard. Our server was upbeat and quick on refills while we patiently waited for our food. Moving on…
  • Just for the pub food alone, we weren’t too satisfied but definitely not the worst. However, the fact that they hyped up their pizza so much by rubbing in our faces how good their pizza tasted and then serving us one that didn’t meet our heightened expectations made everything worse. Deep-dish pizza shouldn’t have saltine-like crusts, salty cheese, and abysmally low amounts of sauce. Comparing it to what we had from Giordano’s and (the original) Pizzeria Uno, this was not what we expected.  Even when we judged it simply as a pizza and not as a deep-dish, it still wasn’t a good one even when compared to local spots like Jockamos.
  • As to why a pub place is bragging so much about pizzas that they might as well become a pizzeria, I may never know. But I learned two things from this visit: never order pizza from a pub, and never come back to this place again. Even though everybody else seems to like you, I’m gonna have to give you one and three-fourths Creepachoo.


Union Jack Pub on Urbanspoon Union Jacks Pub on Foodio54


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