La Chinita Poblana

Sometimes, you don’t have to sit down to enjoy food.



927 E Westfield Blvd
Indianapolis, IN 46220

(317) 722-8108



  • LCP is located inside a bright yellow building with a black awning (apparently the old Boogie Burger location). It’s very easy to find but parking can be a little difficult at times, in true Broad Ripple fashion. The interior is brightly colored. Notice the background colors on their website? That’s how the inside looks like.


  • No chairs, which works to their advantage given the small dining area. You may choose to take your loot home; if you simply can’t wait, you can claim a spot at the nearby countertop and proceed to eat.


  • The menu is written colorfully on a chalkboard, while the dessert menu is printed on a paper inside a photo frame. Choices for the bubble tea are to the right when in front of the cashier, also written on a chalkboard. They employ the “order-pay-wait-get food” process.


  • Each taco is $3. It seems expensive if you look at the size of the shell but there’s quite a bit of meat in there, not to mention the quality. It’s advisable to get multiple ones.


Skirt Steak

  • Skirt Steak: Beautifully grilled strips of tender beef with slightly charred surfaces. Each bite oozes with juice. The flavor doesn’t necessarily scream of curry to me, but that’s fine because it’s really delicious. This one is my personal favorite.



  • Chicken: Sweet profile with enough kick to lift the tenderly-grilled chicken. The meat is juicy as always. Cumin is subdued by the tamarind, preventing any hostile takeover of flavors. Wade-o’s favorite.


Beef Tongue

  • Beef Tongue: The tongue itself is very, very soft. It’s so soft you can poke your finger all the way through without any effort at all. I swear sometimes I can see the taste buds. Anyway, there’s a hint of an earthy flavor to remind you of its nature with a prominent milky profile. Wade-o seemed to like this one; a bite is all it took for me to conclude that I didn’t quite prefer this.


Crispy Shrimp

  • Crispy Shrimp: The whole taco, in its wrapped form, has a shrimp from end-to-end. No, we’re not talking about puny shrimps. No sir, we got the big ones here, all in their firm, shrimpy glory. It comes with a gratifyingly sweet and spicy sauce that can unclog the sinuses.


Red Braised Pork Carnitas

  • Red Braised Pork Carnitas: Strands of pork a la pulled pork with a crispy, roasted outer shell. Don’t think for a second that it’s going to be dry and tasteless, because it isn’t. Actually, it tastes like open-roasted pork especially with the juices dripping around. Each bite is delightfully flavorful.


  •  Each taco was loaded with cilantro, conveniently placed on top in case diners found a need to take some off. All of the ones we got also came with diced onions that were mild enough to not interrupt the main ingredients. The shells were made of masa (corn flour), which lent more holding power; as a result, the shell was less prone to ripping and becoming soggy.


Bubble Tea

  • For $3.99 per serving, there’s a variety of choices to customize your bubble tea: 6 fruits, 2 pearls, and 4 jellies. That’s about 4368 possible combinations assuming you pick the maximum number of choices (3 fruits, 1 pearl, 1 jelly). They use real fruits so there’s real flavor. I’ve never gotten the mini pearls but the large boba is gelatinously sticky and chewy.


Tres Leches Flan

  • Tres Leches Flan: Rather rich and milky but never gets too much. Each slice sits on a bed of clear syrup that never gets too sweet. Smooth and custard-y.



  • Churros: Three warm sticks dusted with sugar and lightly sprinkled with cinnamon. Crispy crust with a fluffy inside. I don’t usually like cinnamon but this one is very gentle, nothing more than a confirmation of its presence. Comes with a sweet peanut butter dipping sauce.


  • Service was very friendly. The owner and his wife were both smiling, welcoming, and seemed like they really were having fun.


  • I don’t normally like tacos, but this place is an exception. With its bold, unique flavors, I crave their tacos every day. I might try the tilapia and the eggplant taco sometime, but for now I’m comfortable with these choices. To the owner, George: Thanks for crafting such delicious creations and serving them in a manner that’s easily enjoyable, even when standing up. You’re awesome!


  •  As such, La Chinita Poblana easily earns 4.5 Creepachoos.


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