Papa Roux… got what I neeeeeeeed…

You know, they’re starting to remember us. Can’t really say I blame them because we’re there almost every other weekend.



8950 E 10th St
Indianapolis, IN 46219




  • Really small place that gets crowded very easily. Tip for the first-timer: seat thyself but don’t sit right away. Pay for your order first (to your left when you enter), then turn around towards the dining area. Or stare at the kitchen staff. Your call. Also, remember to grab yourself some napkin-wrapped utensils and claim your stake at an open table. They’ll be bringing you everything from here on out.
  • Each table has a large bottle of tangy (later spicy) red sauce, a tall black hoop, and a short hoop holding a laminated card (called a flag). The flag contains useful information, including the ever-so-useful list of sides. Put it up on the tall hoop and a staff member will come rushing to help you. Sides are limited to two per person per trip but it’s unlimited, so don’t get greedy. Of course, put the flag down when you’ve been helped.
  • Table still dirty upon arrival? Put the flag up so you can order your sides and request for a clean-up. Tables here are so coveted that it’s not uncommon for one to be occupied before it’s even cleaned. Just be patient.

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  • Po-boys take some time to make, because y’know, you can’t rush goodness. In the meantime, let’s go over the sides:
    • Etouffee (w/ rice) = Very thick and creamy, accompanied by a mushroom or two that adds to the otherwise delicate taste and texture.
    • Creole (w/ rice) = Freaking spicy but so worth it. It’s a guilty pleasure of mine; I can’t stop eating it even though I know it’s going to burn my taste buds. When it’s not busy being spicy, it’s sweet and full of tomato chunks!
    • Cornbread = Firm and grainy with some heat in the background. Corn kernels here and there but not too much. Not your typical crumbly kind.
    • French Bread = Just two slices of bread, perfect to wipe your etouffee or creole with.
    • Bread Pudding = Squirts milk with every bite. No two pieces are ever the same. It’s so addicting.  It surprises me how blackened bread tastes so good with sweet milk.
    • Applesauce = Cool, soothing, and not too sour. Can chill the tongue from that red-hot creole.
    • Coleslaw = Sweet with a hint of vinegar. The cabbage doesn’t have an overwhelming and bitter cabbage-y taste. The only coleslaw I’ll ever eat.
    • Red beans (w/ rice) = Muddy texture, probably from the crushed red beans. The beans that survived are firm. Goes well with that big ‘ol bottle of red sauce.


Sausage Po-Boy

  • Oh hey, it’s Wade-o’s favorite po-boy, Sausage Po-boy:

The sausage pieces were hot, juicy, and broke down easily when being chewed. It wasn’t greasy and was very flavorful. It went very well with the coleslaw and the vouxdoux mayo. In other words, sausage-y and delicious.

Ah yes, a man of few words.

Bacon, bacon, and more bacon.

  • Look at those bacon crumbles. The whole po-boy, aptly named Bacon Crumbles, was chock-full of those crispy crumbles. I wonder how much bacon went in there. Big and bulging with deliciousness, all the ingredients worked very well together. Just when I thought the bacon was getting salty along with the vouxdoux mayo, the coleslaw swooped in and saved the day with its sweetness. Even though each bite caused a spoonful of these bacon bits to fall off the bread, the po-boy never got any thinner.

Catfish Po-Boy

  • They were out of catfish on our first visit (*gasp*), so we made sure we got some the second time. It was still good for what it was, but didn’t quite blow us away. The catfish fillet was big and rather thick, served piping hot under its breading. The breading was savory and the fish itself was very flaky. There was something about the breading that I thought didn’t go well with the coleslaw, and the breading got soggy later because of the sauce.
  • Silly me, I don’t have a picture for my favorite one so far! Anyway, they have an Egg and Cheese and any item po-boy. Yes, any item that they have available. I chose roast beef. They also asked if I wanted cheddar or provolone and I opted for the latter. When it arrived, it smelled and looked good. The egg was a freshly beaten one, and its taste told me that it was from an actual egg and not a carton. The egg itself came with loads of shredded cheddar and the roast beef came with slices of provolone. The roast beef was juicy and tender and wasn’t the stringy, thin deli meat. The juice of the beef, the taste of the egg soaking up the sauce, and the sweetness of the coleslaw were all so harmonious that each bite was sheer bliss.
  • The po-boys are huge so I only eat half to make room for the sides. Wade-o, on the other hand, can finish a po-boy and still eat 10-12 sides. Yep.
  • Apparently tea is free but we’ve never tried it. We always get their locally-made sodas that tell the big-named sodas to go home. I had the root beer once but the cola made sure I never deviated again. These sodas are so gentle and don’t try to kill you with the sweetness of corn syrup.
  • Service gets a little hectic during peak times, with everybody hustlin’ and bustlin’ and callin’ out names every five seconds. They are friendly, though. You’ll probably even get to meet the employee that was on the news recently.
  • We love this place. Papa Roux is consistently good, cheap, and filling. I think I ought to call Creepachoo number 4.75 for this one.


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