Kilroy’s Bar N’ Grill – Broad Ripple

It’s actually not bad at all, especially when there’s parking space available. Also, this location actively checks IDs although the website only mentions the Downtown location doing so.



831 Broad Ripple Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46220




  • This place can get very loud and lively especially on game days; otherwise the TV is enough to give your larynx a workout. You also seat yourself. Don’t worry about not getting a view from the TV because they’re all over the place. There’s so much TV around you may as well sit and dine on one.

  • These stuffed breadsticks will stuff you. Roughly 5 or so inches long, they were plump and stuffed with gooey mozzarella cheese and pepperoni. The outer bread never interrupted on each bite and simply served as a vessel for its contents.  Dip them on the accompanying marinara or cheese sauce for an even better time!

  • The bun couldn’t fit the meat! The meat, by the way, was actually tenderloin and not some cheap ground-up mess. The breading was so simple that it tasted the same as the ones I made at home (garlicky hint). Pork itself was tender (it better be) and was well-coated by the crispy breading. Perfectly paired with their wonderfully toasted egg bun that was always a joy to eat because of how easy it crumbled.
  • I have yet to find a proper side item to go with this awesome sandwich. Their tater tots were very basic and tasted like it was fresh off the frozen aisle. Their fries, on the other hand, were thin, salty, and not fresh cut. Lastly, their mixed veggies consisted of the basic ensemble: broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, yellow squash, and carrots.

  • Ah yes, the Black & Bleu Burger. Wade-o, take it away:

The bacon was thick but crispy; it was practically as good as it can get. The egg bun was delicious and broke apart easily, providing a soft texture without sticking to my mouth. Blue cheese was creamy and not overbearingly sharp.  Burger patty was juicy and got a little messy at times but I enjoyed it.

  • Alcohol galore! What good is a bar without the drinks? I’ve tried some of their shooters, and while they were good drinks, they got rather expensive at $6 per shot. If you really want the shooters, try them on Mondays at $4 or on Wednesdays when every drink is half-price. We also tried their Strawberry Banana Long Island which was very fruity and not a lot of alcohol taste. Granted half of the 32 oz. pitcher was practically ice, I still expected it to taste stronger considering how there was supposed to be four shots of liquor in it.
  • Service here was okay; even on busy, crowded days they still brought our orders to us efficiently.
  • Honestly, I was pleased with the quality of the items we got. Even though our sides were more of a miss than a hit, the fact still stands that we loved our main items as well as the appetizer. That was enough to keep us wanting more. As such, I believe three and three-quarters of a Creepachoo should do it.



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