Ody… I mean Poblanos

This place, back around Halloween 2012, used to be Odyssey Grill and Bar. Odyssey was a wonderful Greek place that offered huge servings of delicious food at a low price. Roughly 3 months later, Odyssey became Poblanos. Yes, another Mexican place in Castleton.



6161 E 82nd Street
Indianapolis, IN 46250




Highlights (or lack thereof):

  • The interior didn’t really change too much from when it was still Odyssey. If you think some Mexican places are overdecorated (i.e. Guadalajara Grill) then this place is the epitome of under decoration. Seriously, playing music from Sirius XM’s Latin Channels does not instantly make an establishment a Mexican place.


  • Chips and salsa: Oily, standard, tasteless chips to be dipped in watery, tasteless salsa with barely anything in it.


Sorry, my phone wouldn’t focus.

  • Cheese dip: Got a little salty every once in a while but nothing special nonetheless.


Dat oil...

That oil..

  • Chile Poblanos (Rellenos!): Quite scary that it was swimming in oil. I understand it has lots of cheese and that it’s deep-fried, but man, that’s a lot of oil! We ordered them a la carte so you wouldn’t technically see it on the menu other than its meal entry with rice and the works. Each piece had a mushy, stringy flesh but I couldn’t tell whether it got soggy because it was previously stuffed and frozen or because it was drowning in cheese. I also couldn’t tell which cheese was the stuffing and which one was lathered because they just pretty much invaded the whole scene. The red sauce was tasteless so each bite was nothing but cheese, with maybe a few pepper strands here and there to serve as a reminder that there was something else amid all those melted cheese.


Potato: The Lone Ranger

  • I got Dos Chimichangas and I opted for one shredded chicken and one shredded beef so I could sample them both. Both were dry and bland (the beef was slightly less dry). The shell was crispy mainly because it was also dry. I think I’m starting to see a pattern here. We’ll call it the “Dry and Bland Syndrome”.


  • The rice, on the other hand, was cooked well with its dark orange hue but didn’t really have any taste that stood out. What I did find distracting were the vegetables included with it. It had corn, carrots, green beans, and green peas (aka the frozen veggie bag squad) with a lone piece of potato. The taste and texture of the vegetables didn’t go well with the rice and they ended up waging a taste war against each other.


  • Oh, and for the love of all that is good and awesome, can someone tell me what a soft chimichanga is?


  • Wade got the Fajita Chimichanga. The menu said it was big so he opted for it. Fair enough. His take on it?

Well, it was indeed a large roll but didn’t really have that much inside. The steak meat was chewy, rubbery, and didn’t taste freshly prepared. It was more akin to a frozen, pre-prepared fajita mix bag (if there ever was one). As for the peppers, tomatoes, and onions, they all had a slight hint of uniform taste. The only difference was their texture.


  • The service wasn’t really all that bad, except our server got rather tense every once in a while. She still got the job done so I’m not complaining about that. However, there was one man (I think he’s the busboy or something) who seemed as if he didn’t want to be there at all. I happened to ask him where the restrooms were and he answered crudely as if I bothered him. Oh please, I do beg your pardon for intruding in your… oh who am I kidding, you were just standing around.


  • Needless to say, Poblanos was unbelievably disappointing. I came in here with lower than usual expectations and I was still disappointed. They had something good with Odyssey but they let it go. They had an opportunity to be something different, only for them to turn around and give us something we already had an overload of. I don’t see a return visit here at all. Ever.



2.25 should do it.

Poblanos on Urbanspoon


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