Chicago Hot Dog Company: Ehh…

What’s that? A Chicago guy opening a hotdog place in Indy claiming that he’s offering the real deal? As in, the REAL Chicago-style hotdog? Sign me up!



8320 N Michigan Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46268


Just so you know, their picture of Chicago dog on the website isn’t the way you’ll receive it.



Pickle, be nice to hotdog.

  • Chicago-dog: The pickle was larger than the dog. No, seriously. I had to separate the poor pickle from the rest of the ensemble to make sure I didn’t over-open my clicky jaw. That circular tomato also didn’t like staying put and was always trying to slip out. The celery salt seemed to have landed by mistake on the pickle, giving the latter an offside salty taste. The sport peppers felt tougher than usual, resisting my teeth’s efforts to break into their defenses. Yet despite all my comments, each bite I took yielded a synchronised release of flavors that blended oh-so-well together. The centerpiece of the presentation, the fine and mighty hotdog, was very juicy and tender. So tender that you probably won’t have to put a lot of pressure on your bite before it breaks off.  Unfortunately, the hotdog’s taste was so light that it got bullied to the back of the stage by the other ingredients. Not to mention that it was rather small.

  • We had onion rings and crinkle-cut fries as sides. Nothing special as they are your typical frozen kind. Thankfully they were hot and crispy.

  • Italian Beef: It was a rather sizable portion, dunked in tasty, peppery au jus (optional). My problem was that the meat was just shaved deli meat. I’m not sure if that’s how it’s supposed to be. The giardiniera added texture and identity to the otherwise stringy meat. The au jus served as a blanket for the contrasting textures, a wrapper if you will, making sure that each bite was not only juicy and drippy but also uniformly wet and soggy. This was our first time biting into an italian beef, but already I could tell this didn’t quite hit the spot. Still good for a first try; if anything, this piece inspired me to keep trying italian beef whenever possible to find the perfect soul mate for my taste buds.
  • The service was reasonably quick, as opposed to most fast food’s magically quick, as well as friendly. I was also quite pleased with our total bill as it did not fracture the bank. I do admit that I expected a little more impact than what we got here, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t like the place. I know we’ll be eating here again sometime, but not anytime soon.

I say 3.25 Creepachoos should suffice.


Chicago Hot Dog Company on Urbanspoon Chicago Hot Dog Company on Foodio54


2 thoughts on “Chicago Hot Dog Company: Ehh…

  1. Great review! I can tell you though it’s not shaved deli meat. Well, it is, but they make it themselves, from scratch, at least that is what they say! I love their dogs, but yeah, pickle there is kinda huge…lol

    • Thank you!

      The next time I go back, I’ll probably slice the pickle in half or something, unless they now have smaller slices. That way, they can all fit in the bun.

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