Warm Bodies: It’s quite warm.

Doesn’t the title sound like an adult film or a murder flick?


Anyway, I was fortunate enough to receive a free pass for two from www.gofobo.com to watch an advanced screening of this movie. Warm Bodies doesn’t come out until February.

Warm Bodies is a movie directed by Jonathan Levine about a zombie/undead named R (Nicholas Hoult) who falls in love with Julie (Teresa Palmer), the daughter of the leader for the zombie breakout survivors (John Malkovich) and the girlfriend of one of R’s victims. R experiences an unusual phenomenon for zombies and it starts spreading to other zombies as well. Bonies (or as I like to call them, ReDeads) are the movie’s antagonists, and they are not happy at all about the changes that R and the other zombies are experiencing.  The movie itself is based on a book of the same name by Isaac Marion.

The majority of the movie is told in R’s perspective; the introductory scenes are done this way. R is technically unable to speak properly, with the extent of his attempts to communicate being grunts, moans, and the occasional laborious mumbling of a word or two. However, we are able to hear his thoughts via narration. That being said, sometimes his narration feels like he’s just riffing the movie. There are quite a few scenes where their actions speak plenty about what is going on but R makes a witty comment anyway, perhaps for comedic relief. Honestly, those kinds of scenes would have been more powerful without the obvious comments.

On the other hand, I thought Julie’s character was flat. The movie tries to give her a headstrong, badass personality, but the delivery doesn’t quite make it. It’s almost as if she exists just to give R a reason to run the story, when in reality her role is deeper than that. Yes, she gets the job done, but at the end of the day when we reflect about this movie, she really doesn’t have anything for us to remember her by.


Warm Bodies

Art by Wade


Early on in the movie, we learn that R has a best friend named M (Rob Corddry). The movie gives him lines that make him say things such as “B*tches, man” and “F**k, yeah”. I can see it’s for comedic relief; I just can’t help but feel that the phrases are unwarranted and out of place. I suppose it’s an excuse to serve a curse word or two in a seemingly curse-free movie.

Lastly, I noticed that there are some continuity problems. Albeit being minor, the discontinuities are very noticeable. I mean seriously, who eats an 8-year old can of fruit cocktail? Botulism, anyone? And where is the damage on your front left fender after you hit another car a couple of scenes ago? You need to keep up with these details, movie.

Overall, Wade and I agreed that the movie was actually quite amusing. It’s an interesting take on the whole zombie apocalypse scenario. There are quite a bit of things I question about the whole zombie state in this movie but I suppose I should read the book first. I would have also preferred some parts of the movie to be done better, but hey, it still works. I recommend seeing it but don’t expect to be mindblown.



Let’s give the movie 3 Creepachoos.


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