Longhorn, why does it jiggle like jell-o?


Art by Wade

It was a Friday and a payday. What better way to close the work week and embrace the weekend than to have a nice dinner somewhere! Where to eat? How about some steak? Yeah, that sounds good.



5910 East 82nd St.
Indianapolis, IN 46250
(317) 595-0094


I never really thought of taking pictures except for one item so bear with me.



  • That caesar salad… I swear it got smaller. The dressing was a little sparse too, except at the bottom where it turned all the croutons into a soggy mess. Wade says:

The salad tasted dry, like there was no dressing at all. Croutons were barely noticeable.

  • Their Goldrush Martini was tiny.
  • Lobster-stuffed Filet: A 7 oz filet with lobster stuffed in the middle, topped with a lobster tail. Sounds lovely, right? It should have been. Except my steak was room temperature and the lobster stuffing was a glob of mess. So globby that you could take your bread, dip it in that glob, and pretend for a second that you were eating lobster bisque from a nearby bar and grill. That puny lobster tail on top was also dry and… wait for it… room temperature. Oh by the way, where was the butter for that lobster tail? Anyhow, what do you say, Wade?

My lobster stuffing was in the corner of my steak rather than the center. Lobster meat in general was dry and the steak tasted mushy under all of that crap.

  • Rice Pilaf (side dish): Okay, who in the world messes up rice so bad like this. Forget that it was room temperature. My three spoonfuls of rice was mushy and pasty. I don’t usually send food back, but this time I considered it. Considered being the keyword. Our server never really checked on us so we would have been there all night if I wanted to send it back. At that point, I was just hungry and tired so I just swallowed it.
  • Molten Lava Cake (dessert):

This jiggled and it wasn’t jello.

This thing. The vanilla ice cream was very forgettable. The cake itself was thick and pasty while the chocolate “lava” center was too rich and too hot. This was the first time we didn’t finish dessert and refused to take it home.

Oh and Wade has a few words to impart:

Why the @!#? does it jiggle like jell-o?

Wonderful. Thanks. Oh hold on, he has more to say:

Oh, and the spoons were covered in syrup. Thanks.

Alrighty then.

  • Service: Let me enumerate the moments we saw our server: When he first saw us and asked what we wanted to drink, when he gave me my martini and took our order, when he gave us our bill and took our dessert order, when he gave us back our bill for me to sign and realized it was wrong, when he finally gave me the correct bill, and when he took the bill booklet when we were about to leave. In between those instances we never saw him. The restaurant wasn’t really particularly busy that night and there were several waiters on the shift so I wonder what was the matter.

I noticed from the receipt that they changed management. We were there about 3 or so months ago and it was still excellent. Three months later, it’s like we stepped in a cheapo bar and grill restaurant posing as Longhorn. The quality of the food we got took a serious nosedive. What in the world happened?

There is no way in the world now that we are going back to this place. Thanks lads, you wasted our eighty bucks and our Friday night.

For this location alone, I give this place a sad and depressing 1.25. Let us not confuse my rating here with the other location I visited in the past.
Longhorn Steakhouse on Urbanspoon LongHorn Steakhouse on Foodio54


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