What happened, Waffle House?

You used to be my favorite go-to place in the middle of the night when everything else was closed. You used to be my saving grace back when I got out of work at 10 or so and I was hungry as a hippo. I looked to you when I’m hungry after getting out of class at 10 as if you were a lone lighthouse whose light beckoned me to sail forth. Now look at yourself. You’re sloppy, dirty, staffed by non-caring people.

The culprit’s address:

7290 Pendleton Pike
Indianapolis, IN 46226

Evidently, the location above flopped on its face. Let me discuss how.

Appearance + Service

I don’t expect tables to cleared the second after the customers leave. However, I have no tolerance watching employees laze about when there are tables left dirty, especially when all they have to do is to bend over a little to reach the table. If you’ve been to a Waffle House, you know how close their working area is to the tables. It really doesn’t take too much effort to pick up the plates and wipe the table clean especially when it’s around 10 PM and barely anyone is eating and there’s three of you doing nothing!

*breathe* Sorry about that ranting. Needless to say, yes, a couple of tables were dirty when we entered and the employees were just chatting amongst themselves with their backs turned to the door. I only heard one weak ‘hello’ from one of them and that was a half-effort. When we sat, we awkwardly looked at the menu as we waited for someone to come.

Finally, an employee came to us. She introduced herself and all that hooplah, but she sounded like she really couldn’t care less and would rather be somewhere else. She sounded unenthusiastic the whole time. She also asked right after giving us our utensils if we already knew what we wanted. Um, hello? We just sat here.

When she gave us our drinks, I noticed she had long nails. No, not the pretty-looking ones, but the ones you wouldn’t want to look at. They were unnerving. You’re serving my food with that? Also, I have never seen a waiter/waitress do a one-hand akimbo while taking orders. I perceive that as somewhat rude, but I don’t know about others.

Our eating experience wasn’t any better. My boyfriend had to wait a long, and I mean long time just to get his Sprite refilled. We had to ask another employee (who was currently mopping and doing some other cleaning work at the time) to get his refill. Even then, I worried about whether he washed his hands but that was the least of my concerns.

Our server never did once check up on us except when she gave us our bill. You only ask us how we’re doing when you give me my bill? Unbelievable. We had some empty plates and I needed a to-go box and where were you? At the other end of the restaurant, sitting down and chatting. I was only able to get my to-go container when I had paid the bill. Oh and nobody ever took our empty plates until we left. It wasn’t like they were busy or anything. They were just chatting. At least they showed enthusiasm when I was paying.

One more thing for this section. I don’t usually criticize restrooms since I don’t really visit them in restaurants often. This time, I had to make a trip to the bathroom. The toilet looked dirty with flush stains. Can’t anyone try and scrub that with something?


Food Quality

Food here is no five-star quality, but more like a homely, hearty feeling. I didn’t get it on this visit, though. I asked for their ribeye steak and eggs meal: steak on medium-rare, upgrade to omelette, upgrade to triple hash browns, and biscuits. With my previous experience, they asked me whether I wanted anything on the omelette and I would usually get cheese. This time, I wasn’t asked this question so I ended up having a bland and dry omelette (although I probably should have said so anyway). My biscuits never came to existence as they were toasts (I didn’t say anything) and my hash browns were lackluster. I wanted it smothered, covered, peppered, and capped (onions, cheese, jalapenos, mushrooms). There were only very few of them as if they were skimping on the ingredients. The hash brown itself was dry and mushy, the sort of texture you get if they were undercooked. Last but not the least, my steak. I wanted medium-rare. Did I get that? No, of course not. It was close to being well-done. At this point, I gave up any hopes of correcting everything and just wanted to eat and go home. (In hindsight, I should start being more vocal about my food…)


Overall thoughts

I am never coming back to this location. Not after this abysmal service. Don’t get me wrong, I really love Waffle House (and still plan to eat at a different location sometime) but getting a service like this is quite a killer. It’s not like this was my first time coming in to this location. My boyfriend and I have been here quite a few times and were served excellently every time. This might be a fluke of the batch, but this is a really bitter after-taste that’s hard to get rid of.


Location Rating:

1.5 out of 5

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