Stay awesome, Yats!

Chili Cheese Etouffee with Crawfish

I'm hungry just looking at this.

My favorite and closest location:
8352 E 96th St
Fishers, IN 46037

I have been going to Yats for quite a while now that I think it’s time for me to share what I think about this awesome place.

Yats is a local Cajun-Creole Restaurant. They have 2 locations in Indy, 1 in Fishers, and another one in Greenwood. I’ve only been to two locations, Broad Ripple and Fishers, but there’s not much of a difference in the appearance. Both of the Yats locations I went to kept their simplicity throughout the whole experience, from the moment I walked inside the restaurant until I walked out of the doors with a belly full of food.

Yats’ focus is being simple and straightforward: all menus are written on the board in front of you and are priced with tax already included. No complicated mathematical mumbo-jumbo needed to figure out how much you’re paying. No more flipping through pages of choices! The menu changes everyday, with an item or two staying there permanently. Some of the items are also limited so you might not even be able to get them if you’re unlucky.The dining area is simple (I’m gonna be using this word a lot): you find yourself a spot while you wait a few minutes for them to bring you your heaping plate of food. The food is served in a way that all you have to do is take a spoonful and start chowing it down. Enjoy the jazzy music and decor while you’re eating. When you finish, you get rid of your trash and walk out. It’s straight to the point. Oh and don’t forget their different kinds of hot sauces. Be brave with each one and find the one that fits your entree the best!

I love several things about this place: the food quality, the awesome customer service every single time, and the affordability of the food.

Throughout my one million visits (okay not really, but I do go there every week), I’ve always ordered their Chili Cheese Etouffee w/ Crawfish. Not that I don’t like their other items, it’s just that I love this dish so much from day one that I can’t bring myself to order something else. I had a little of their Chicken Creole in the past and it was just as amazing as the etouffee. Looking around the other tables, I can see the other menu items look awesome in their own way. I’m probably going to start doing half-and-half (2 entrees in one plate, I believe it’s a dollar or so extra) so I can try their other items while enjoying my etouffee.

Chili Cheese Etouffee has a delicate balance of creaminess, slight cheesiness, and spice working in perfect harmony with every spoonful. Each plate I get is just as good as the previous one. My servings have always been even; I have yet to see a serving where I don’t have crawfish pieces. They were never too spicy, too watery, too soupy, or anything of the sort. It’s always perfect everytime. Laying peacefully on a bed of warm rice, the chili cheese etouffee is my comfort food that I don’t mind eating every day.

Now for the customer service. Their employees are always so energetic, casual, and friendly. They always greet you with a smile while taking your order. They don’t shy away from chats either, even if the line behind you is growing. They don’t talk to you with a script; they talk to you as if you’re their house guest that they’ve known for a long time. When they bring your food to you, they’re always so courteous and upbeat. It’s hard not to enjoy your food with people like these.

In the case that there is hiccup (whether from you or from them), fear not. They will really take care of you with utmost care. I’m not just saying this as a form of flattery for them or whatever, because I actually had two hiccups with them in the past. The first one was when I found out that the Broad Ripple location doesn’t accept credit cards. I never carry cash and my checkbook with me, so my boyfriend and I thought we made the trip for nothing. I didn’t expect the man on the register to let me do an IOU. I was astounded. Here we were, complete strangers to him and yet he trusted us enough to do an IOU. We walked out of the restaurant full and happy. Yats didn’t let us walk out hungry, which is rare for a restaurant. Of course I paid them back. The other hiccup was at the Fishers location. We entered at a time when they had to make more rice and it would take about half an hour to get it ready. We told them we would be more than happy to wait since there was a Walmart nearby that we could pass the time at. The whole meal with drinks and takeout were on the house. I wasn’t expecting the takeout to be free as well, in fact I already prepared a check to pay for it; they surprised me when the told me I didn’t need to pay. Just goes to show that they really do value their customers.

Last but not the least, I like how 15 bucks can fill up two people and not leave them thirsty as well. A regular entree costs $6.25 and a cup of soda is $1.75 I believe. Sometimes I opt for a bottle of juice for $2.00 a bottle. The Fishers location serves their entrees on foam plates while I’ve had instances at Broad Ripple when they served food on a large circular plate. Either way, the servings are usually enough to fill up one person. The whole plate is covered with rice which is in turn covered by whatever you ordered, plus two slices of bread with their seasoned butter. I’m not a big fan of the bread so I give my slices to my boyfriend but that doesn’t make me any hungrier. Only once was I able to finish a second helping, and even then I barely did it. Even though they’ve raised their prices for 50 cents more (it used to be $5.75), the food is still filling me up anyway so I don’t mind. It’s definitely worth the money.

I definitely do recommend this place to everyone. Cheap, great tasting food, simple restaurant, and friendly employees all make Yats a good place to chill with your friends and chow down good food. If you want to save money and still get a full belly, definitely give Yats a try.

Hands down, I give this place a 5 out of 5.

Oh and did you notice that Yats backwards is “stay”?

P.S. Try their chocolate toffee cookie when you can. It’s big and good.

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