Hyouten Dines: Longhorn Steakhouse

Just ignore that tiny piece of fry.

Since this one has a bajillion locations nationwide, I will only review the specific location I’ve been to.

5840 W 86th St
Indianapolis, IN 46278

Kind of food?
Mostly steaks. Really.

The kind of price where you shouldn’t expect to feed two people with just about 25 bucks excluding tips.

Food Evaluation
The food here is great. Generic much?

I have been to a couple of steakhouses and they barely get my medium-rare steaks right. The only other place aside from Longhorn that gets my steak perfectly is Cheddar’s Casual Cafe.

I have yet to see them overcook my steak. It’s always nice and pink on the center without it tasting undercooked. It has a very nice charred crust on one side without it being overcooked. The steak isn’t too bland nor is it too salty. Very nice balance, I’d say. And their seasoned rice pilaf is also wonderful. The rice is not too soggy and not too hard either. Nicely steamed, at least for this location. The seasoning isn’t overpowering either. I’ve had seasoned rice before that are just way too tasty it’s almost salty.

My partner and I almost never goes anywhere without ordering an appetizer. Whenever we go to this place, we always order their Texas Tonion. They’re practically onion petals served on a long platter with a chipotle-flavored dip in the middle. The onion petals are also great. The batter isn’t too thick and it doesn’t feel like you’re just eating a batter with a tiny piece of onion. The onion is actually in there. In other words, they’re not skimping.

Recently, we tried to change paces and decided to order Chili Cheese Fries for a change. Just like the others, the portion is also quite big. The cheeses on top are wonderful. I believe they are shredded mozzarella and cheddar together. The chili is real beef, not just some random filler. You actually feel the beef granules as you eat it. The fries are okay, could be better to be honest. Some pieces are just a bit too salty considering it’s smothered in chili and cheese.

Mozzarella and parmesan on top of a steak is always great. For only a dollar extra, they can smother your steak slice with those two cheeses. I personally think it gets a bit too much when you have the cheese there but my partner loves it.

Before I forget, Longhorn is one of those places where they serve you with bread and butter. It’s supposed to be a bottomless bread, but recently I have been noticing that they’re only giving us one serving only. More details on the service evaluation section.

Service Evaluation
Usually the service here is pretty good. The greeters are always nice and we always get seated right away (maybe because we’re only 2 people and 2 people are easier to seat? I don’t know). The servers get to us quickly and are prompt in bringing us those nice breads. But like I mentioned earlier, recently they have been quite random on giving out the bread. I have seen other tables of 2 get a whole loaf of bread while we only got barely half. Sometimes it takes a while for them to give us more bread, and sometimes we don’t get any at all. Then again, I don’t really mind that much because I always want to save my appetite for the main course (especially with appetizer around).

The wait time for food is moderate. Nothing to complain about yet. The servers are also quick on giving us refills for our drinks, which is very nice. On our most recent visit, a confused server brought us the wrong kind of steak by accident. I didn’t really think too much about that because I’m pretty sure it was supposed to be for another table and not us. I mean seriously, the steak was a midget compared to the 12 oz my partner ordered, and it had no cheese. There was no way it could be ours. Although it did take our server a while to apologize for it. Whatever.

On our latest visit, the manager decided to walk around and make sure everybody is enjoying their meals. I always thought it was a good idea for managers to interact with their customers every once in a while. Something random.

Location Evaluation
The location for this one is great. It’s easily visible when you’re on the road and it has several other notable stores around it (Petsmart, Books-a-million, Michaels, etc.). They couldn’t have picked a better location for this side of town. As for the dining area itself, it’s nothing super special. It has dimmed lighting to add to the ambiance and they have their trademark cowboy railing thingies. Just like any other Longhorn locations, they have cowboy-related items all over the place.

TLDR Evaluation and Rating
Longhorn Steakhouse is a franchise that you should try wherever you are, whenever you can. Just make sure you can afford it.

4 out of 5.


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