The After Effects of Dream Water

So I stated my first impressions about this drink, and I actually drank this drink. It wasn’t pleasant but it was tolerable. Now you’re probably wondering how it was.

Since I’m typing here, clearly I’m not sick from drinking Dream Water. That’s good, right?

Okay, so about 15-20 minutes after drinking it, I definitely started feeling my eyes getting heavy. You know, the typical feeling when you get sleepy. So I thought maybe I should give it more time to kick in further. I expect to be knocked down without me trying.

30 minutes passed and I’m still up. Gradually feeling sleepier though. So I gave it another 30 minutes.

As time passed by, I definitely noticed my head getting heavier. Like I just wanted to lay it down and close my eyes. But that’s not what I was expecting. In fact, I could ignore that sleepiness if I really wanted to.

A little over an hour later, I decided to go to sleep. Now let me restate that: I had to go to sleep myself. The drink did not knock me down as I was expecting it to. Now to be fair, the drink did increase my sleepiness in a period of a little over an hour. So I sleep and sleep and sleep…

So I went to sleep at around 1 AM and usually I would wake up by myself around 7-8 AM, usually before my alarm goes off. This time, the alarm didn’t really help me much. I turned off the alarm, tried to stay up but fell back asleep again. I woke up at 10 AM. Could it be that Dream Water actually helped me sleep heavier? Or is it just me being tired? Who knows.

In conclusion, I am happy that Dream Water didn’t make me sick or anything. I am a little disappointed though that it didn’t knock me down to sleep. Now to its credit, I only had the 2.5 oz drink. That’s not a lot. Maybe if I tried the bigger bottle, it would have more of an effect. This is actually plausible considering how the small bottle helped me feel sleepy. Would I recommend this? No. We don’t even know how many of what chemicals they put in there. If you need to sleep, just sleep. Do you really need to spend money on some obscure drink just so you can sleep? I wouldn’t. Don’t even say you have insomnia, there’s the doctors for that.

So that’s the end of my Dream Water adventure. I’m glad I’m not sick.


One thought on “The After Effects of Dream Water

  1. I tried to nights in a row and it definitely worked for me. I have a really hard time falling asleep so finding this product was awesome. I was not groggy in the morning. This is going to be my new go to sleep aid. I just hope I don’t build up a tolerance for it. I like how it works. Thanks

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