Hyouten Drinks: Dream Water

Dream Water

That is not my hand.

It has been a few days since I wrote about my first impressions with the Dream Water. Needless to say, I am a little scared of drinking this unknown concoction. But I’m not gonna be a wimp and I will ingest this… thing.

First off, the bottle is hard to open. Like, beyond hard. For a plastic bottle, it fights back. My partner had to open it for me because I couldn’t (I have a problem with my thumb that I’m not gonna go into detail about). And yes, he struggled to open it. After opening it, I got a little more scared.

My partner took the first sniff test, he said it smelled like “something that would taste really bitter but it would not”. I took it from his hands and smelled it myself. I thought it smelled.. lemon-y. Obviously it’s supposed to be since it’s Lullaby Lemon, right? Duh.

So I took my first taste sip after hesitating for a few seconds. It was odd. I definitely tasted the lemon flavor right away. It’s not the lemonade kind of lemon. It’s the kind of lemon flavor that tastes really cheap. Imagine a really cheap lemon-flavored candy and take a lick of it. That’s the kind of taste I got.

After chattering a little bit, I went ahead and gulped down the whole thing (in between 1-2 dive gulps). That was not a pleasant drink, but maybe that because I had a preconceived notion about this drink. This drink had the same texture as those electrolyte drinks they give you when you are super sick and are losing fluids quicker than you can replace them. It feels like a very light water that kinda scratches down your throat as you swallow it. And the flavor? Oh boy.

So, the flavor. Like I said earlier, it has a very cheap lemon taste. Imagine a store-brand, poor quality, lemon-flavored cough drop. You have that little sourness behind a massive wall of sugary sweetness. Now take that cough drop and drop it on a cup of tap water. Leave it there until completely breaks down, mix the water to distribute the flavor and then take a sip. Watery, cheap lemony flavor. Yum.

I sure am glad that I only got the “dream shot” 2.5 oz bottle. Had it been the bigger bottles, it would have been a bigger drag for me to try and finish the thing. It’s unpleasant. I’d rather drink old, iced coffee than drink a whole bottle of it. My partner has his timer ticking so we can observe how I feel 30 minutes after drinking it.

On my next post about this drink, I will talk about its effectiveness (or lack thereof) and any side effects. I’ll definitely talk about how I physcially feel after waking up if this drink really does put me to sleep. But for now, this can do.

TLDR: No tldr for you, read the whole thing for once.


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