Hyouten’s First Impressions – Dream Water

There are drinks all over the place that are meant to keep us awake. Energy drinks, coffee shots, you name it. But what about drinks that are meant to help you fall asleep? No, we’re not including flu medications or liquor. I’m talking about a drink that has a sole purpose of putting you to sleep.

Cue Dream Water. I have never heard of this drink before, nor have I heard of a sleep-aid drink. I always thought there were sleeping pills for that. I only came in contact with this drink after seeing it as one of the items in display near the cash registers at the place I work at. Well actually, it wasn’t on display yet when I saw it.

It was a small bottle, about as small as those 5-hour energy drink bottles. It was a “dream shot”. It got me curious throughout the night that I asked my partner to buy a bottle for me to try. At first he was hesitant, but after much coaxing, he bought it for me. I don’t blame him for hesitating, and I’ll explain why.

First off, the idea of a sleeping aid drink is new to us. It’s something that just suddenly appeared out of nowhere. We saw no ads for it on tv or over the internet. Second, the color of the drink is quite odd, or prone to jokes to say the least. The flavor of the drink my partner bought for me was “Lullaby Lemon”. The whole bottle is covered by the label, save for a small area at the bottom where you can see the drink. It has the same consistency as water but has a yellow-ish color. My partner kindly described it looking like water out of the toilet. I thought it looked like urine after drinking quite a lot of water.

The next thing we observed is the ingredients. They claimed it to be zero calories. Now I’m not too curious about those calories so I wasn’t too interested about that. The one thing that really caught my attention though is that they had sodium on the drink, and yellow no. 5 for that yellow color. It had a few other ingredients listed at the bottom. I could well be wrong, but I already have the idea in my head that this drink is going to be salty.

This drink also kindly gives you instructions as to how to drink it. They suggest that you not take it along with other medications as well as alcohol. Reasonable enough. They also suggest that you take it at least 30 minutes before you plan to go to sleep. Apparently this drink takes this long to put you to sleep.

Well, that’s about all I can say for this drink aside from the fact that I got this for about $2.00. I’m still looking for the right night to take this. I don’t want to sleep heavier than a rock or wake up sick the next day when I have to go to work. The next post about this drink will be about the taste of the drink itself as well as its after effects.

TLDR: Dream Water is some drink I have never heard of and it’s supposed to put you to sleep. I haven’t tried it yet but it is practically yellowish water (the one I got, at least).

More details about the drink here

UPDATE: So I recently found my small bottle of Dream Water and I’ll list the ingredients here:
Proprietary Sleep & Relaxation Blend (150 mg) – gamma-aminobutyric acid, L-5-hydroxytryptophan, Melatonin
Reverse osmosis treated water
Sodium acid sulfate
Natural flavors
Sodium citrate
Citric acid
FD&C Yellow #5

Click the link above to learn more about the so-called “sleep & relaxation blend”


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